Dangerous Predators

List of flying predators

Hunting Habits
Storkings up to 500 lbs Day
Whisperers 400-500 lbs Nocturnal
Rattlebacks 300-400 lbs Day
Snakedivers 250-300 lbs Day, especially during their annual migration from the far north to the tropics.
Peng 90-100 lbs Normally nocturnal, depending on foraging habits of the local skipper population.
Crackbones 60-90 lbs Day
Oekkets 40 lbs Nocturnal
Olnecks 5 lbs Nocturnal (Gwelf and Gwent are diurnal thanks to the training received from their Terran trainers)

List of ground predators

Hunting Habits
Heenas Diurnal
Granddaddies (a very large, clam shaped mollusk) Diurnal
Mollusks (all sorts of shelled shapes) Diurnal
Gweducs (ground burrowers with a single long tentacle) Diurnal