First and Last Sentences

For those readers who like to judge a potential book acquisition by the first and last sentence the following is provided.

Through The Hills

The 1st sentence of ‘Through The Hills’ is:

So far it had been an uneventful trip, without the alarms or attacks all too common on Sarnia.

The last sentence of ‘’Through The Hills’ is:

Shadow had seen that steely glint in Lionel’s eyes before, which meant that come sundown, they would be pushing on.


Welcome to Sarnia  –  2nd Edition

The 1st sentence of the prologue to the entire series of seven books and two sagas is:

O’ newcomers newly landed here, allow me to bid you welcome from my humble office here in Port Canaveral; Welcome to Sarnia!

The 1st sentence of ‘Welcome to Sarnia’ is:

With all the tensions of a typical summer, I almost missed the first portents of arrival.

The last sentence of ‘Welcome to Sarnia’ is:

Do come back.