List of Non-Terrans on Sarnia

Excerpts listed below are from:
‘A Guide to the Stoney Peninsula’

‘All the Newly Arrived Shall Ever Need to Know’
by Clerk Deva Chetty

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The vigorous growth of the mighty Mi’ukmac Empire down the Sagittarius arm of the galaxy is of course, in terms of galactic politics, a relatively recent event. Most experts suggest that the late entry into space has only served to spur them on in acquiring additional solar systems and the occasional subservient species that conquest brings the victors.

This rapid expansion inevitably brought the Mi’ukmac into open conflict with the much older Toharrian Empire. A conflict that brought many easy early victories, including the Mi’ukmac conquest of our Sarnia, much to the disappointment of the individual Mi’ukmac involved. This disappointment has subsided as the Toharrians have rallied and have become more effective in defending their own stellar systems.

In fact in recent years the contest between the empires has been more of a stalemate. In addition, the Mi’ukmac have been forced to deal with many troubles at the far end of their empire. Locally of course the initially lush looking prospects offered by expansion into the entire Orion arm of the galaxy have been troubled by the presence of we, previously unknown, Humans.

Mi’ukmac Naming Convention
1- Rank (if any)
2- Job Description
3- Patronymic
4- Personal

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The ancient Toharrian Empire long ago expanded up the Sagittarius arm to the junction with the Orion arm. Expansion past, or into, the Orion arm was slowed by a combination of factors. To this day the Toharrians have not agreed on the importance of the various causes of the diversion of effort that occurred. The differing allures of turning up the Orion arm, continuing down the Sagittarius arm, persisting in the bitter folly of the attempt to expand into the globular cluster or various internal failures and shortcomings all receive credit, to one degree or another, for the slowing progress of Toharrian might and expansion. These difficulties are also credited for the early failures against the upstart Mi’ukmac Empire.

In our time, experts contend that these failures have been brought to a halt thanks to the proper alignment of all right thinking Toharrians. The current policy of reinvigorating what is Toharrian is to be followed, in due time, by the reconquest of the lost solar systems and the liberation of the conquered. Or so the Toharrian inmates of Sarnia claim.

Toharrian Naming Convention
1- Clan
2- Choice of Religious Origin Tale
3- Mothers Name
4- Personal

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The Nu’homish and their home world was an early conquest by the Mi’ukmac Empire. Although quite intelligent as individuals, our esteemed Nu’homish overseers were far from entering space at the time of conquest. They have adapted as best they can to their inclusion in the Empire, with several long established colonies of their own located on worlds unwanted by the Mi’ukmac.

Occasionally Nu’homish individuals will serve the Mi’ukmac as minor imperial bureaucrats. They are also well known in the Mi’ukmac Empire as minor merchants and of course are renowned as operators of the various economic concessions they have purchased. Our most excellent overseers presence on Sarnia is in fact the result of one such concession purchase.

Nu’homish Naming Convention
1- Clan
2- Perch Point
3- Title
4- Personal

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Golden Sarnians

Of the intelligent species of native Sarnians, the ones with the most contact with Humans are the Golden Sarnians. Named for the typical color of their fore shoulder stripes, Golden Sarnians traditionally inhabited riverine flood plains or alluvial soils in mountain valleys throughout the northern half and in select portions of the far southwest of the single continent on Sarnia. In our times their range is restricted to three small areas in the north or far north.

One surviving population of Golden Sarnians lives directly across the Yenisey River on the north side of the Stoney Peninsula and is in frequent contact with Humans.

Golden Sarnian Naming Convention
If Rodholder, Praetor or Technician:
1- Title (Foreman)
2- Personal (Akira)
3- Function or Character Description (Driver)
If rootaur:
1- Mothers Batch Number (First Batch, Second Batch, etc.)
2- Job, Function, Economic or Character Description (Carter)
3- Birth Order Within the Batch (One, Two, etc.)

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Brown Sarnians

Another of the native intelligent species on Sarnia is the Brown Sarnians. They are very similar, if not identical in appearance and behavior to Golden Sarnians. The exception being the prominent brown stripes about the fore shoulders and flanks rather than yellow. The other notable difference in the species is the markedly more aggressive and short-tempered temperament displayed by the tropic dwelling Brown Sarnians.

Brown Sarnians would be in contact with Humans only in the swamps to the immediate southwest of the Stoney Peninsula. However, the Mi’ukmac maintained Terran Preserve Boundary prevents the aggressive Brown Sarnians from harassing the workers at Swamp Labor Camp.

Brown Sarnian Naming Convention
Naming conventions amongst the Brown Sarnians are almost the same as used by the Golden Sarnians. Praefect is used instead of Praetor while the function and economic descriptions vary somewhat due to the differing economies associated with life in the warm and wet soils of the tropics.

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Hill Sarnians

The final native intelligent species, Hill Sarnians, are clearly related to their Golden and Brown Sarnian cousins, but sport a number of noticeable differences. Physically smaller and without noticeable coloration, Hill Sarnians reputedly have always inhabited their preferred stone buildings on stony ridges or stone terraces overlooking small bodies of water and soft soils. In addition, Hill Sarnian mothers birth far fewer rootaurs and a correspondingly larger number of technically proficient individuals.

Historically the Hill Sarnians lived everywhere their cousins did, though always in separate communities built in stone, on stone, leaving the tunneling in soft soil to the other two species. In our times Humans have no direct contact with the single surviving Hill Sarnian population located in the tundra clad hills to our north.

Hill Sarnian Naming Convention
From what little is known about them they use a system very similar to the Golden Sarnians.

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